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This nature based ecotherapy framework increases one’s awareness, connection and authenticity to self and others out in nature.  Create balance and meaning in your life.  Classes are structured either in a 2-hour workshop format or in ½ and full day retreat.  Participants will engage and interact in a mindfulness space with either a herd of gentle alpacas, horses or just out in a quiet space to tap into their inner power with the guidance of nature.

Series 1: Transition to Transformation

This series can be in a three-part workshop series or in a full day retreat.  Explore, reflect and restore experience your inner journey to transformation with the guidance of either horses, alpacas and nature based ecotherapy.  This experiential learning and growth can be for individuals, families, groups and team building for corporations.

Workshop 1:  Exploring Transitions & Patterns

Workshop 2:  Stress, Self-Care & Solutions

Workshop 3:  Exploring our Story & Moving Forward

What is a transition? Some of our transitions in life are obvious and fast. Losing your job. Starting a new career. Moving. Becoming a wife, husband mother or father. Child leaving for college or moving back home. Embracing a new sober way of being. Stepping into a new version of ourselves. Starting a new stage of life.

In all transitions, there are some common themes.  Letting go if the old way of being in the old story, acknowledging fears of what the new path may look like.  Setting strong intentions that are in line with who you are and the direction you really want to be going in.  The last stage is so important.  In order to set intentions for the direction we are going in, we have to continually check in with ourselves and listen to our own inner guidance.  If we are to free and clear of old patterns we create them over and over again.

Want patterns do you want to create? What does your new path feel like? What emotions do you want to feel each day in this new life?  It’s all about aligning with yourself.

Connect to your passion, creativity, inspiration, purpose and authenticity.

Series 2: Mindfulness- Based Ecotherapy

Mindfulness-based Ecotherapy is a blending of mindfulness and Ecopsychology.  Nature facilitates growth and awareness allowing for individuals, groups and families to explore and develop deeper, meaningful and healthier connections in their daily lives. Ecopsychology studies the relationship between mental health and the environment.  This approach enhances ones wellbeing and is a very positive, non-judgmental and client centered experience.

This program is offered also as a 6 or 12-week course for 4-8 group participants.


Series 3:  Healing in Horticulture

In this approach, we believe the therapeutic focus of using plants, gardening and the natural world as metaphors to promote wellbeing, self-care, developing life skills, and stress reduction.  Cultivating healthy connections with self, others and mother nature.

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